Are Cloud Games Services The Next Best Thing?

Top 5 Cloud Gaming Services - The Future Is NOW (2020)

Rumour has it that cloud gaming is the future. Though gamers have speculated this since long, this seems to be getting closer to reality with time. Not much progress has been recorded among the hardware makers or game publishers in this field yet. However, many companies have hinted about their intentions to focus on cloud applications in the future. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft have already introduced cloud-based businesses like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Here is all you need to know about the next big thing.

Cloud Gaming

Say goodbye to the excuse of not having enough storage on your device when your friends come up with a new game. In cloud gaming, you don’t have to install a game into your system. Instead, it delivers games to your device via internet streaming. Now you can play video games using remote hardware. This means that the game you are playing does not depend on your internal hardware to function. Cloud gaming services offer you speed and convenience at the same time; two things on every gamer’s wish list. Welcome to the new era of gaming, where any game will run on any system through cloud applications at

How does it work?

Cloud gaming works mostly like Google Drive, similar to how media and documents can be stored in the Drive; you get access to games from the Cloud. Your laptop has its limits; it cannot handle heavy tasks like processing most of your games. So why not pay to get access to a remote computing power which can handle tasks a hundred times heavier than your laptop? There are powerful processors stacked up to manage these processes, and in no time, the results you need will flash on your system at home. Cut down on the clatter with the all-new cloud gaming services. It only demands one facility- a strong and hassle-free network. This is because no information is stored on the system in which you are playing.

Is Cloud Gaming Costly?

In most cases, you need a paid subscription for cloud gaming, which has to be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis. This is mostly to grant you access to content and services stored in the remote hardware. Some services may also ask you to pay an additional fee to purchase certain games from their stores. You can visit for more information.

Popular Cloud Gaming Services:

Gaikai and OnLive were among the first to introduce cloud gaming in 2008 and 2009, respectively. They offered quality video games for a subscription fee to their users. Now PlayStation Network provides for Cloud save backups just as Switch Online service does. Through Cloud save backups, you can store games that you have already installed on an online platform away from your local hardware. This means that if something happens to your system, your saved games will be safe when you get a new device. Google had also introduced Project Stream recently, where one could play Assasin’s Creed Origins on Google Chrome without having to install it. Although there may not be many games that utilize cloud gaming as of now, it has started taking shape in many company workspaces.

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