Blog Publish Ideas: 3 Simple Approaches for Creating 3 New Blogs Every Week

Having your blog is a good marketing strategy for just about any solo service company owner. But also for many business proprietors the particular problem is creating enough content regularly making it a powerful strategy… they may use a couple of blog publish ideas. To get the most bang for your buck from your blog, you need to be posting new content two to three occasions every week… and for lots of you this is often a real sticking point!

Business proprietors either:

Do not have the time to write two to three new posts each week or

They simply do not know things to speak about (writer’s block)

The great factor is, much like everything I educate, in the event you create a system for adding new blog content, including repurposing content you’ve, then creating two to three new blogs each week becomes simple.

Now, I will express my top three blog publish recommendations for creating between two and 4 new blogs every single week:

  1. Write a completely new Article. It becomes an apparent one, then one that we know lots of you are already doing. However, I realize lots of you are finding it hard to develop a completely new article each week. While you are studying below how else you can new content, then you definitely certainly won’t feel so pressurized into writing a completely new article. Shoot for two new articles each month, and implement other two approaches for creating additional blog content.

Luckily, when you write a new blog, there are a few popular templates that you can use, such as lists. For example, if you use or provide time tracker software services, you can write a blog about top 5 ways to misinterpret time tracking data. Other templates include ‘how-to’ articles, question-based blogs, etc.

  1. Chunk Decrease Your Ezine. This the very first is a powerful way to achieve least two new blogs each week, specifically if you produce a weekly ezine. In the event you publish less regularly, then still apply this plan, while you won’t generate as much content.

Lots of you, I realize, have a very pretty standard ezine having a personal note, a featured workshop or program, the main article (which can be a completely new article or possibly a classic one), plus a recommends section. For those these sections on their own making stand-alone blogs, then this is a more four new blogs each week. A minimum of you are getting one new blog publish from your ezine, and that is from your personal note as that changes every time.

  1. Create A Quick Tip. This really is among my favorite features… it’s a really short, two to three sentence, tip about your specialization. This tip might be acquired from your earlier article or simply a thing that you’ve given to a person through the week. I publish my tips each Friday and, again, this guarantees one new blog publish every week.

Accumulate a number of these different blog article promotion strategies and you also really don’t have any excuse due to not posting for the blog no less than two occasions each week… at times you’ll even manage four posts!

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