Glo: Taking the Stress out of Yoga

Everything is right at our fingertips these days. We have access to nearly everything without ever having to snatch attention away from what we have going on in the moment. We can order food, groceries and even hair stylists in a few clicks then get right back to our busy schedules. Relaxation should definitely be the same way, and it’s getting there with Glo. Glo is an online yoga platform that allows people to connect with yoga teachers virtually without having to schedule a time to go to their class. It’s well known that sometimes it’s just not that easy to make time in your schedule throughout the week for self-care, so it’s no wonder so many people are interested in this platform.

Glo has over 2,000 yoga videos available to their members and access to teachers with a wide range of knowledge about different yoga and meditation styles. They offer guided meditation and yoga without having to sit in an actual class, and there’s an online yoga class for every level of comfort. Glo has made it possible to have a guided meditation class on the train on your way to work or do a 15 minute yoga class in your office during down time.

There’s definitely a need for this type of access because everything is already digital. We have the world at our fingertips, so it’s great to finally have wellness there as well. It’s also amazing to be able to work with a great network of instructors. This platform takes the hassle out of yoga and meditation class scheduling without taking the intention and awareness out of the teaching’s purpose altogether.

Every online yoga class is centered on a specific topic from postnatal and prenatal yoga to meditation and yoga for stress relief. Stress is a huge factor in everyone’s life and high cortisol levels have terrible effects on the heart, so taking up a class that helps to reduce the chances of that happening is definitely something to look into. These classes are definitely versatile and take everything into account. Whether you’re having a hard time sleeping or dealing with anxiety throughout the day, Glo will always have something for you. One example is the “Choose Your Flow, Balance Your Energy” guided yoga and meditation class that they have available for members who identify as levels 1 or 2. This class focuses on helping energy flow more vigorously if you’ve been feeling sluggish or just down in general. It’s meant to stabilize your mood and uplift you, while relieving stress and making you feel more at ease.

Most of the classes available on the Glo platform are geared toward mental wellness and stress relief. The class “Yin for Deep Sleep” takes into account that stress and anxiety can lead to lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation stops the brain from preforming to its optimal level, so you have to get as much as you can. Not getting enough can cause stress to build up and may lead to constant worry or mind racing when it’s time for bed. This online yoga class uses Chinese medicine principals to influence sleep and promote stress relief and relaxation.

You may need to cleanse yourself completely. Their class “Detox for Health and Happiness” is for all members of all levels that need a physical, emotional and mental detox. This will help energy flow well and increase your vibrations through breath work and yoga. Whatever care you may need, Glo has made it possible to acquire on the go.

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