How HR Software Helps In Recruitment Process

Recruitment is an important function of HR department. The recruiters need to headhunt to get the best brains for the opportunities available in the organizations. The HR department forms a connecting link between the organization and the outside world. It is the interaction between the HR and the candidates that help establish brand image. Thus, it has to be seamless. With the help of HR software, the recruiters of the company can perform following functions in a documented manner:

  1. Raising the recruitment appeal: The HR executives can tell the employees about various positions available within the organization. So, if someone wants to move to other departments, they can refer to the feed available in the software. The HR department can have recruitment appeal templates uploaded in the software for faster action, thus, hiring process requires less time.
  2. Setting the interviewer panel: The payroll software having recruitment feature comes with facility to seek availability of the interviewers. The panelists can confirm their availability or its absence in a documented manner in the software. Thus, HR department can know which interview is allotted to whom. This coordinated approach reflects positive image about the company.
  3. Informing the selected candidates:The software is also useful in intimating the selected candidates. It has the feature like offer letter formats, etc. The intimation regarding the email also reaches the sender. This helps in avoiding duplication of sending the intimation letter. The offer letter acceptance can also be recorded in the software to make how to monitor work from home employees future preparations pertaining to training and induction.
  4. Making list of rejected candidates: There are companies that do not entertain two applications from a single candidate within six months of their rejection. The software offers the ease of collecting this information and filtering the applications accordingly.

So, more sophisticated the software is, better is it for the image of the company. It reflects its sincerity and professionalism and leaves very good impression on the applicants.

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