How to Amplify the Wealth: The Perfect Solution

On the contrary, financial capital is initially low; it takes time to invest or generate savings, but over time, it begins to increase, and with it your total wealth. Therefore, we share three tips to make your wealth grow over time.

Invest a part of your monthly income

As you generate income, you must invest a proportional part, that is, have the discipline to channel resources from your human capital towards the construction and growth of your financial capital for as long as possible.

This is important, since discipline significantly potentiates wealth over time. It is important to note that, regardless of the income level, what is relevant is the percentage that you spend on investment.

Consider investing in equities

It is very common to associate investing in equities only with risk tolerance, when it is also a concept of time. Investing in equities is something that characterizes most pension funds, both public and private, and they consider the age of the holder, that is: the younger, the greater the participation in equities and vice versa.

This is because stocks are an asset class that statistically has shown that over long-term horizons they are the most profitable in history, despite their ups and downs that soften over time. You can Watch these EWF videos and have the best solutions there for the wealth amplification.

Diversify through investment funds

  • Both specialized investment companies for workers ‘retirement savings and commercial investment funds are investment products widely used to enhance investors’ resources over time.
  • In here, investment funds total more than four trillion pesos in net assets, which shows that they are among the investment products most in demand because they favor the growth of wealth.
  • The foregoing means that human capital is considered a catalyst that favors the construction of financial capital and, therefore, the growth of your wealth.

Do you sometimes spin in your head the idea of ​​how to increase your wealth? How can you generate more money? We tell you 8 tips to generate wealth that you can start applying today.

We all know that money in the bank is not going to make you rich, and neither will keeping it under a mattress.

If you really want to increase your capital , it is necessary that you begin to pay attention to how you spend your money, what you invest it in, (if you invest it) and how you save the money available. That is, you should focus on starting to develop financial planning appropriate to your purposes.


There are options that you can take into consideration so that your money begins to move more fluidly and grow. Although they seem obvious options, in those truisms you will find a simple formula to increase your capital. What you should keep in mind is that none of these tips, alone, will lead to financial succes , but applied simultaneously and committed, it will be another story.

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