Velodyne Joins the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator online Program

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (Nasdaq vldrw at today declared it has joined the Qualcomm® Smart Cities Accelerator Program to advance utilizing lidar innovation in savvy city arrangements. By turning out to be important for the Qualcomm Smart Cities environment, Velodyne will work all the more intimately with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., governments, and arrangement engineers to make brilliant city applications that improve public administrations and upgrade security and personal satisfaction. 

Brilliant city arrangements can utilize Velodyne’slidar sensors to gauge and screen conditions in zones, for example, vehicle traffic, walker wellbeing, parking spot the executives, speed estimation, V2X correspondences, line and resource the board, security, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. (Photograph: Velodyne Lidar, Inc.) 

Shrewd city arrangements can utilize Velodyne’slidar sensors to gauge and screen conditions in territories, for example, the person on foot wellbeing, vehicle traffic, parking spot the board, speed estimation, V2X interchanges, line and resource the executives, security and then some. The sensors can gather exceptionally exact, definite 3D data about individuals, vehicles, bicyclists, public spaces and that’s just the beginning, while at the same time-saving namelessness. 

We are satisfied to invite Velodyne Lidar to the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program to execute bleeding-edge lidar answers for a straightforward comprehension of the shrewd climate, said Ashok Tipirneni, Director, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. also, Head of Platform Product Management for Smart Cities. Velodyne’slidar sensors and thorough 3D information can help prepare our Smart Campus and savvy city biological system individuals with upgraded wellbeing measures and smoothed out activities. 

As of not long ago, existing camera-based ITS traffic observing advancements have been generally used to consider traffic stream rates, inhabitance, normal speed, and spot speed. Be that as it may, as elective sensors go onto the market, the shortcomings of camera-based methodologies become more evident. For instance, cameras have been appeared to endure in low-light conditions, are inclined to optical fantasies, and don’t consider individuals’ protection. Velodyne’slidar sensors give hearty 3D information that takes into account unrivaled article identification and following in a wide assortment of lighting and climate conditions. Moreover, Velodyne’s sensors don’t perceive individuals’ qualities, for example, their appearances or the shade of their skin, making it an ideal sensor to help the requirements of regions without bargaining their residents’ protection. With Velodynelidar, savvy city applications can propel wellbeing, social government assistance, and operational effectiveness. 

As a constant application exhibition of the huge worth that Nasdaq vldrw can bring to brilliant city applications, Velodyne and Qualcomm Technologies intend to convey a Velodyne sensor on the Qualcomm Smart Campus. The lidar is proposed to be set inside to follow individuals as they move around in a public space. The information can assist Qualcomm Technologies with recognizing traffic and use designs so the organization can more readily comprehend usage rates and make acclimations to offices. Velodyne worked with Infinite Computer Solutions and Seoul Robotics, an Automated with Velodyne accomplice, to construct the application. If you want to check more stocks like nyse ge, you can check at


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