What Kind of Watch is the HONOR Watch Magic?

HONOR Watch Magic has great design and performance to attract many consumers. Is it worthwhile for users to buy it or not? Consumers will have their answers after reading the HONOR Watch Magic review.

We make the battery life test at first. It adopts a dual-chip design in a thin and light body. It works through a high-performance chip, energy-efficient chip. It can run at a high level of performance with limited energy consumption. We test power consumption and real-world performance of Watch Magic. A full charge and a week of battery life is definite. The performance of a week’s battery life is in line with the official advertised.

There is an intelligent power consumption test. Turn on the intelligent 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring and message reminding. The daily power consumption is between 12% and 15%. From 0% to 100% takes about 2 hours. The charging capacity is quite good.

This watch has many competitive advantages in functional experience. The first is the practical real-time heart rate monitoring. Then innovative Trusleep. It has more scientific sleep detection and thorough exercise mode.

There are 2 entity keys to serve human-computer interaction. The button at the top right opens the menu bar of the watch. The key at the bottom right can switch to the exercise interface. Users can slide on the 1.2-inch screen to operate relevant functions. This slide can switch the display interface. The user can press the dial for a long time to switch the dial style. Users can slide down to set some shortcut key functions. Turn on DND mode and mobile phone search and other settings. Sliding up on can open the information warning bar. Users can view information warnings in this interface. Such as short messages, news push, phone calls, etc. The left and right sliding of fingers can display the user’s real-time heart rate curve, pressure index, weather etc. All make the human-computer interaction function of this smart watch friendly.

The most important thing of smart watches is sports function. HONOR watches have 9 movement modes. Walking, running, indoor running, riding, cycling, mountaineering, swimming pools, open waters and free training. It is thorough in the function of recording. Such as total distance, exercise time, heat consumption, speed, pace, climb and descent height, heart rate, pace frequency, pace, altitude curve, etc. You can check them on the “Sports Health” APP.

Its accurate positioning function benefits from the new GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO positioning system. Positioning data is fast and accurate. There is little phenomenon of positioning drift.

Only this HONOR smart watch can have most functions and super endurance in such size. Generally speaking, HONOR Watch Magic is worth buying.

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