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4 Factors on Which a CCTV Camera’s Field of View Depends

When you are affected by security concerns related to your family or employees, it is a wise decision to opt for installation of CCTV cameras. They are easy to install and easy to operate, but you must pay special attention to the field of view of the camera, else you might miss out an activity of interest when it actually happens.  The field of view refers to the height or width of the area that the camera will be able to monitor. All that a camera captures after installation will depend on the following key factors:

Focal Length – High or Low

The focal length of the camera lens plays a very important role in the evaluation of the field of view for the camera. A higher focal length would provide a shorter range of vision, while a smaller focal length can cover a larger area. If the focal length of the camera is not appropriate, the resulting images could be of unsatisfactory quality.

Focal Length – Fixed or Variable

The camera could have a fixed or variable focal length. If the camera has a fixed focal length, its area of coverage will always remain the same, while the variable focal length will be able to adjust the focus as per the requirement.  Accordingly, the ones with fixed focal length are also relatively cheaper.

Height and Angle of Installation

The height at which your camera is installed will impact the range that it can cover. A greater height will allow it to cover a greater range, while installing it closer to the ground will limit its view. If the camera is positioned to look straight ahead, the images captured will not be in the desired range. Hence, the camera should be placed at a height and angled downwards towards the desired area.

Distance from the Object

The distance that needs to be captured will also determine the field of vision. If the focus of the camera is on an object at a greater distance, the field of vision will be shorter.

To ensure that you have selected the camera with a suitable field of vision is not enough, a lot depends on where it is installed. Indoor cameras and outdoor cameras have varied requirements. If the purpose of the camera is to capture the exterior of the house, you will need to have one that can capture larger distance, but for one inside the house, the distances covered are shorter and the focal length will need to be adjusted accordingly.


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