A Beginner’s Guide to Accessing the Dark Web

The dark web is exactly what it sounds like. Known for its overload of illegal activities, this side of the internet has earned itself the reputation of a corrupt cop. The dark web is that section of the internet that you cannot access using your regular browser. It’s a layer that is hidden and you need a special browser and some skills to access. Since it is such a hidden-away network, it has become the hub for all things illegal.

If you are new to the world of the dark web, here are a few things you should watch out for. The use, the access, the darknet Tor browser, what you can do on it?

What is the use of the Dark Web?

Although the deep web has generated some heat for its ill-affairs, it is not all about that. The dark web is a great way to maintain anonymity on the intern. Apart from the many illegal activities, this has been a great service to people living in countries under a dictatorship or oppression. The anonymity is not a bad thing. Since they can access an internet that is not monitored by the law, it helps to spread the word and educate the world about the countries problems.

So It Illegal to access the Deep web?

The use itself of the dark web is not a crime. This means if you are using the darknet Tor browser and surfacing the dark web, then you are not committing any crimes. This is just a means of surfing the internet without your real identity. The legal ramifications occur when you use this network to indulge in activities that are forbidden by the law.

What Is the Tor Browser? How to use it?

The Tor browser is one of the most used ways to get on the dark web. Since the pages on the deep web cannot be accessed using your conventional browsers. You need a special browser like the Tor or the Onion browser there. These are used as a gateway to navigate through the dark web. You can download the darknet Tor browser easily like any other software for your computer and use it with a VPN to explore the web.

What Can I Do On the Deep Web?

A lot of the networks on the dark web are not illegal once. There are many rebels out there who choose to keep away from the conventional internet and set up their resources on the dark web. There are communities of book clubs, applied science, literature, and much more.

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