How to prevent your Company from being getting hacked?

Hacking which has now become one of the most common crimes in the world can cause great losses to the economy. If a hacker hacks any company’s or agency’s data, they can easily get access to their secrets, confidential information, and financial data, hence causing great losses to its very existence. They hack your companies record and other important files and can use them against you, causing huge damages and information leaks. 

So here are some of the ways in which you can prevent it. 

  • Enable Two-factor Authentication- Cracking or stealing passwords are one of the common ways that hackers use to gain access to your system and install malware that allows them to steal data and hidden information. When you enable two-factor authentication, while logging in, it will send you a one-time password via text, which needs to be entered to gain access to the application, thus, making everything highly secured.
  •  Install Automatic Updates and Patches- Usually hackers target systems or devices that are not regularly updated as it becomes easier for them to hack and gain access to these systems. Updates and Patches are very important for operating systems, software, and firmware as they contain essential security fixes for any found vulnerabilities or breaches. Rather than depending on your employees to manually update the system, you can use auto-updates plans through IT cells or service providers.
  • Train Your Employees To Tackle Phishing- Another common way of hacking is Phishing emails. These scam emails contain links or attachments which could lead to cyber breaches into your system. Since phishing emails have become quite sophisticated, an untrained employee would not be able to tell the difference between an actual and a scam email. Hence, it is important that your employees should be trained by professionals to differentiate between such emails and take necessary actions if the system is attacked.
  • Use Anti-virus and Malware prevention software- It is absolutely necessary and essential that you install anti-virus and malware protection software in your systems or devices to prevent them from future hacks. These AI software frequently scan files and data in your system to check for any malicious practice or folders in your system and warn you of any possible threats while downloading via unknown sources. Also, make sure to update your anti-virus software for critical and latest services.

These simple yet effective ways can help your company to stay safe from potential hackers and keep your database secured.

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