Increase the security level of your website with the WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress security plugin is the most popular and widely used blogging platform. It supports all types of websites, from a primary blog to a secure business website. WordPress is used by twenty-six percent of all websites worldwide. Hackers and spammers took a keen interest in disrupting the security of WP-powered sites as a result of this success.

When your WordPress site is hacked or infected with malware, it affects your site’s rating and site traffic. You can also lose your data and your customer information at risk. If you are facing a hacked WordPress site problem, then you need to scan and remove the malware from your WordPress site. Today I will tell you about WordPress security plugin.

The WordPress Security Plugin is a free security plugin with many powerful security tools to help you secure your WordPress installation and gives useful measures to ensure file permissions, databases, admins and more. Besides, after checking your WordPress blog or site for security vulnerabilities, this plugin suggests you protect your passwords, file permissions, databases, and the like. Also, the WordPress security plugin comes with a lot of outstanding security features. One of the most important highlights is the secure database backup for disaster recovery, which means that users can recover all their data after any disaster.

WordPress Security Plugin is a fast, easy and one-click security plugin that protects WordPress sites from RFI, CSRF, XSS, Base64 and more. They also offer additional security checks on websites, such as verifying file and folder permissions, turning off DB errors, and more. Besides, login security and monitoring security enhance site security.

When your log file exceeds the maximum file size you set, use this plugin to zip, email, and replace your security log files with a new blank security log file. Another highlight is the custom software feature that allows users to edit, insert, modify and save additional Bonus or personal custom .htaccess code.

Designed and written by professionals, the WordPress security plugin is easy to use and understand. Through installing this plugin, you can increase the security level of your website through checking for bugs, implementing and applying current recommended security practices and techniques for WordPress.

Also, this plugin detects if the administrator has a user account with the default username and allows you to change the username easily. There is also a password strength tool that enables you to create robust passwords.

WordPress security plugin scans your site immediately, bands troublesome bots, other hosts and user agents, blocking hosts and users with many invalid login attempts. Also, it detects 404 errors hidden on your page to affect your SEO and sensible links that make it easy for you to log into your site.

Users can also change URLs with this plugin, rename “admin” profiles, change the path of wp-content, and more. It is powerful enough to help webmasters avoid many security concerns.


There are many WordPress security plugins available for scan and cleaning WordPress sites. Some of them also provide firewalls and make the site more stable.

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