Basic Computer Forensics Tools and Hardware Commonly Used in Forensic investigations

It is almost established that the computer, as well as digital evidence, are the more reliable witnesses which can never lie. The digital evidence often contains unfiltered account as well as activities of the suspected criminals which are normally automatically recorded in his or her words and actions in the computer. However, some people still continue to suspect to rely on digital evidence because of the fact that digital information can be altered easily with no trace of alteration. On the other hand, there numerous highly qualified and professional forensic firms such as Elijah who authenticate the reliability of the computer forensics particularly in the investigation and judiciary procedures.

The computer forensics are currently felt essential in identifying the hidden and secretly secured hardware as well as software systems which are usually left after or during different conspiracies as well as suspicious incidents. As the word “forensic” means “to bring to the court”, the basic purposes of computer forensics are searching and collect information or data, analyse and preserve the evidence found in the information and data, and present the authentic evidence in the court of law. The contemporary computer systems are getting more and more advanced and sophisticated day by day, and along with the advanced computers, the computer forensics are also growing rapidly.

As computer forensics have been evolving with the need and challenges, the tools that were used in computer forensics are changing with the advancement of computer technology. Some of the best computer forensic tools used in the contemporary digital investigations are SANS SIFT, ProDiscover Forensic, the Sleuth Kit +Autopsy, Volatility Framework, c, CAINE, and X-Ways Forensics.

Most forensic investigators prefer to use SANS SIFT tools because of some of the useful tools such as Ubuntu LTS 14.04 base, better memory utilization, 64-bit base system, latest forensic tools and techniques, auto-DFIR package update as well as customization, cross-compatibility between Windows and Linux, VMware Appliance for immediately tacking forensics, expanding filesystem support, option for installing stand-alone or use via VMware, and online documentation projects.

Similarly, the ProDiscover Forensic also comes with unique features such as the feature to create a Bit-Stream copy of the original disc for the purpose of analysis including the hidden HPA section in order to keep the original evidence safe. Similarly, the special features of the Sleuth Kit (+Autopsy) are multi-user cases, timeline analysis, a search of keywords, web artefact, analysis of LNK files, analysis of emails, sorting of file types etc.

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