Twelve Tips In The Checklist Before Launching Email Marketing Campaigns

Automated email campaigns have become more and more important from small business to large corporate to reach out to their potential customers. Intelligently designed email marketing automation workflows have become an essential element in the digital marketing plan of many companies like SEO Company Ahmedabad.

Tip 1: The one main purpose of a typical automated marketing campaign is to enable sending emails to your contacts with actually having you to sit in front of your computer and clicking the “send” button at the time of sending the email. All emails should be scheduled.

Tip 2: One type of automated email campaign is drip emails. It is most often used for educational and/or on onboarding campaigns.

Tip 3: With a drip email campaign, you can set up a sequence of emails that are scheduled to be sent automatically at specific intervals to your target contacts.

Tip 4: Through the use of action based triggers, the email marketing automation system (or platform) knows when and where a particular user has met a certain condition that would trigger a specific email to be sent to him. Sendinblue automation system is a platform to perform automated email marketing campaigns or drip email campaigns based on conditions and triggers.

Tip 5: The conditions, triggers, and logic that are set up in a drip campaign is a set of email marketing automation workflow.

Tip 6: All email marketing automation workflows would have to follow some if-else statement logic to be able to have automated emails triggered and sent to the recipients, even though most of them look more complicated than they actually are.

Tip 7: For a typical email marketing workflow to work, you will need to begin with a list of contacts (i.e. users with email addresses) that you may send emails to.

Tip 8: One way to get contacts with your email addresses is to create and launch a contact form or newsletter subscription form on your website or one of your landing pages. When users land on your web page where the contact form is, and fill in their contact details with their own will, the email addresses are captured.

Tip 9: Another way is to import all the contacts in bulk (mostly through spreadsheets or csv files).

Tip 10: Always start with a plan which should include what you want your drip campaign to achieve, what you need to communicate, and to whom.

Tip 11: You will always need to prepare all the marketing materials (including copy, images, videos, etc). Whether you outsource this part of work to freelancers, or you have an in-house team working on it, schedule the work and keep track of each item.

Tip 12: Make use of a scoring system to assign different scores to your contacts depending on their responses and actions to your emails and/or on your website.

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