Durable Lightning Chargers: What are the Features to Look at? 

An ideal charger is one that doesn’t take a lot of time to charge a phone, doesn’t overheat the battery, and lasts for years. Whilst that’s exactly what all charger manufacturers claim to supply, their products are far from ideal. If you’ve been trying to identify and buy a charger that’s worth the money you spend, then this guide is the correct place to find options. We have compiled 2 lightning chargers in the sections to follow. Dive in and find out the features that make the Mcdodo chargers better than all other products in the market! 

  1. The Mcdodo Lightning Charger with Auto-disconnect Feature and a Breathing LED

This Mcdodo lightning cable is unlike any. It’s a strong sturdy cable that’s made of nylon and zinc alloy. Both the metals are braided together to make the cable flexible. Hence, the cord resists breaking better than most other cables in the market. Some other features that make this cable a smart cable are as follows. 

  • It automatically detects when the internal battery is fully charged and disconnects the current so that the battery isn’t charged any further. It prevents overheating. 
  • It is a lightning cable made with 2.4A charging technology. This technology facilitates charging the battery to 50% within 30 minutes. 
  • It has inbuilt breathing LED that makes the battery status visible even in darkness. 
  • The cable is intentionally made 5″ long so that the users can comfortably charge their phones whether the PowerPoint is close to the bed or far away. 
  1. The 90° Lightning Charging Cable by Mcdodo

It’s no secret that using the phone while it’s getting charged is tough in a lot of ways. One, the wire keeps twisting with the fingers. Two, the connector keeps coming off the port and that can damage the port. And last, the cable can break due to frequent twists and pulls. In order to resolve this issue, Mcdodo came up with this innovative charging cable. Its connectors are made in a way that they fall at 90° alignment with the port. The benefits are as follows. 

  • The wire doesn’t come in the way of your hands no matter the direction.
  • The connectors are secured at the port. It protects the port from getting damaged. 

In a nutshell, the above-listed chargers are so worthy because they are a one-time investment and a one-stop solution for all the problems that users face. 

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